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My Mission

It's my honour to set this page up to help assist with the fund-raising that I have been doing for the past few years which is very dear to my heart. I have created a music album that I have donated 100% to PTSD Resolution a charity that helps our military persons that are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The album is now available to purchase. 
It has 14 original tracks, four of which has been co-written.  

Many people have supported the project and I found myself at the wonderful South Devon College in Paignton as a mature student this past year learning how to complete it, where with the help of my amazing tutor who I am eternally grateful I have now succeeded in my aim.

I owe so many thanks to so many people, from the early stages to the current and into the future. The hours and skills offered by so many people have been amazing. 
I have a target that I'm aiming to reach and all who know me well know that I don't stop once I've set a challenge.
This album has been a massive challenge in so many ways, I've cried tears of frustration, faced many fears, lost my father and yet I had to keep going. Now I face the challenge of promoting it. Please support me by either donating, purchasing or sharing.

Yes, I could have just donated money to the charity, and I have on many occasions. But as a CPTSD sufferer myself I wanted to face this challenge that I set in the hope it may inspire others to reach for their dream and that there is a way forward in getting well and finding peace of mind, which through my creativity I have. Being creative stops me analysing and allows me to create something that has no expectations and therefore I can't knock myself about, and that doesn't cause me to feel constant guilt caused by that voice that says you can't do this, and you shouldn't do that. 

We all need dreams, and we all need hope. We can achieve what it is we aim for and don't let anyone tell us we can't. I never dreamt I could write a song and yet I did that February 2015 and I continue to write to this day. Being a new musician I know some people didn't believe in the challenge I set, but I knew it was possible and I have overcome hurdles many times to reach my dream.

Troubled Minds is an album of 'fourteen' original songs. I am myself a CPSTD sufferer, and I have created this album to raise money and awareness for our military persons that are suffering. They need our help, more now than ever, the Wars finish but the suffering of those that fought for us, still goes on.
The charity that I have chosen to fund raise for is PTSD Resolution.

This project was funded by my late father, who sadly passed away 13th August 2015. He proudly served as a Coldstream Guard. He wanted to help his fellow brothers and sisters and so do I.

I feel so passionate that support is made available to our Military. To do that I need, with your help, to raise money to fund their treatment, I want to help these very important people in our lives, who went above and beyond to keep us safe and sacrificed all. We Will Remember Them.


Are you a business? Do you sell or offer a product or service? Do you want to get seen?

Would you like to help support the fundraising project and show how much you care for our ex servicemen and women.
Well please contact us by clicking on the contact us button  below . You can sponsor our website from as little as £75.00 for the year.


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